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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change Plan your life, don't speculate with your future Whenever you find yourself on the side of  the majority it is time to pause and reflect To better know you, is to better advise you Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future

Pelican Consulting sarl is a bespoke French-regulated « Conseiller en Ingénierie Patrimoniale » and International Taxation consultancy company.

Our expertise rests in advising on investment and wealth management, savings, pensions, protection of the person, and finance, loans, and mortgages.

We have foreign professional qualifications which enable us to, inter alia, advise on International Taxation and we possess French university degrees in Patrimonial Law and Taxation, and Financial Management, authorising us to advise on French legal and fiscal patrimonial matters.

We are therefore best placed to ensure that you and your estate are protected by ensuring all is structured in a manner that is both the most fiscally benign and the most judicially appropriate, and for today, tomorrow and thereafter.

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Financial advice

This is our main activity, and is confined to those appropriately qualified and permanently resident in France, and is actually defined as:

« persons who are qualified and who exercise an advisory activity in the domains defined by article L.541-1 of the Code Monétaire et Financier (banking operations, operations concerning financial instruments), and the provision of investment advice or ancillary services … »


There is generally an investment for everyone, but not all investments are suitable to everyone !

It is true that there are many types of investment mediums, and within these again there can be many different investments available, but how to chose the medium of investment, the investment, the provider, the tax regime, the most benign charging structure ?

Ask us, we’ll help …

Life Assurance

This is one of our regulated activities, which covers the areas of life assurance (investments).

As brokers, we are bound to consider a sufficient number of contracts to be able to make a recommendation but are not bound to consider every contract from every provider available, but then neither do we work with only a few set assurance companies.

Property Related Investments

There are a myriad of different property-related investments available, and within different wrappers, allowing for income or gains.

Some of these wrappers even allow for income to be capitalised and taxed as capital and not income, and then tax only part of the gain,… and at low rates.

One of the possible advantages with some of these contracts is that may be possible to borrow to invest.

And lest not forget that property is more stable than the financial markets!

Legal and Fiscal

It is not possible to give financial advice without also dealing with legal and fiscal matters, and to do so in a manner more appropriate than that of simply providing information.

In France, these legal and fiscal advisory activities are regulated by law n° 70-1130 of the 31st December 1971.


In addition to the services mentioned in the rubrics on the Professional Services page, and in addition to completing audits and reviews of any part, or the whole, of both net assets and net income, we also offer additional insurance services.

International Tax

International tax laws are contained in the Double Tax Treaties.

Whilst these strive to avoid double taxation, their main aim is in fact to determine firstly the country having first rights to apply their laws to the taxpayer, and then to whom exactly these rules apply.