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Tax challenges ahead for non-French residents with French letting income

The French tax authorities – known as the “Fisc” – have of course a particular way of going about their work, with departmental tax offices interpreting the law often quite differently. For example the treatment of rental property income from French properties and the liability to pay social charges is a case in point. It has also been a contentious one! Although the Double Tax Treaties should apply, many tax offices in France are applying French tax law creating a real headache for many non-French residents. In 2019 the French government stated that non-residents who lived in the European Economic Area...

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France perverting the double tax treaties?

Until a few years ago, it was possible to find the total income the French government perceived from the social charges and income tax each year.  Since then, these two means of taxation have always been shown combined.   Almost, the cynic could say, in an attempt to hide the fact that until the amalgamation of these two means of taxation, it was clear that much, much more was being collected from the social charges than was being collected in income tax. Double tax agreements exist between one country and a host of others, inter alia, to set out the manner in which the application of income tax in each...

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