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Non-French residents having French letting income

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Non-French residents having French letting income

The Fisc issued a statement for the 2018 year of income of the liability to the French social charges.

This states that European Economic Area (EEA) residents who are affiliated to a social security system outside of France but within the European Economic Area will be exempt from the French CSG and the CRDS.

As a result, French letting income will be liable to a charge of 7,5%, being the social charges that do not fund social security system organisations.

But !!!  The social charges are levied at 17,20%, and the CSG and the CRDS between them amount to 10,40%, so leaving 6,8%.  So if the French Fisc are levying this charge at 7,5% … does this include social security funding and so would make the charge illegal ?

This charge is being referred to as « un prélèvement de solidarity » but is defined nowhere !

If this succeeds this year, then what is to stop the French Fisc levying this charge on all French residents and on income currently exempt from the French social charges, such as pension income, foreign rents, government income, US and Canadian income … ?

Legal help someone … please !!!