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Financial Advice


Financial Advice

This is our main activity, and is confined to those appropriately qualified and permanently resident in France, and is actually defined as:

« persons who are qualified and who exercise an advisory activity in the domains defined by article L.541-1 of the Code Monétaire et Financier (banking operations, operations concerning financial instruments), and the provision of investment advice or ancillary services … »

There is a saying, « to better know you is to better advise you », and we believe this is so true since it is only in completely understanding our clients that we can deal with their very personal and unique requirements and so ensure they receive the best of bespoke quality advice.

We are multi-national professionals, with French financial qualifications and experience in France.

We have the additional benefit of also having been qualified and experienced in the UK through having had a UK-regulated IFA practice.

In this way we are sure to be able to provide all clients with the most professional and appropriate advice and, due to our multi-national past, especially so to foreign nationals or French nationals abroad seeking to reside or acquire assets in France.

Financial advice is required in all of our financial services so we treat it with the due respect it deserves for the sake of our clients, and notwithstanding the fact that this advice may conclude in a commercial act !