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The area of investments is massive, particularly so in France since over the years the French have been a little more inventive in not only the investments themselves, but also the manner or vehicle through which an investment can be held.

According, whilst there is generally an investment for everyone, not all investments are suitable to everyone !

This is where our experience and qualifications come into their own since whilst it is part of our duty to find the right type of investment for you, more specifically, it is not only the investment itself that we look at, but also how it is this investment is packaged.

The packaging of investments can be important, not only as a means of your legal protection, but also as to the benefits arising from the manner in which the investment is legally held or wrapped.  And then, of course, there is what type of wrapping itself is the most appropriate …

But the issue does not stop there, as there are investments that exists from which it is possible to have what amounts to tax-free income, and then be liable to capital gains tax on only some 15% of the gain.

And this is then the other aspect we investigate … the tax implications of the investment itself as in addition to investments generating income and possibly some capital gains tax, investments also exist where the income can effectively be capitalised and subjected to only somewhat low levels of capital gains tax.

It is only in this way that we an ensure that your investment is the adapted to your needs, and is made in the most appropriate medium for you so as to enhance and safeguard your legal and fiscal position, whilst augmenting and protecting your wealth.

And, needless to say, we also consider the costs overall, as there is no point in having high returns to loose mmost through management fees and taxation

We deal mainly with the myriad of different French investments types, and naturally, like most Brokers, whilst we have access to all funds and investment schemes available in France, we also access investments in Luxembourg and elsewhere in the EU so that all investments always remain Regulated.

For the management of portfolios, we generally use Independent Asset Managers as managing large portfolios is a full time occupation, and this aspect is clearly best left to the asset management professional, although we can, and do, manage the smaller portfolios in-house.

We do also provide a variety of differing property-related investments, again whether investing directly or through some wrapper for fiscal and/or legal benefits.

Our penchant is for the more secure investments, and over the years we have accumulated a collection with higher rates of return, whether by income or capital gain.