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Legal and Fiscal Advice


Legal and Fiscal Advice

It is not possible to give financial advice without also dealing with legal and fiscal matters, and to do so in a manner more appropriate than that of simply providing information.

In France, these legal and fiscal advisory activities are regulated by law n° 70-1130 of the 31st December 1971.

For those involved in financial services it is only a university EU 3rd level qualification that confers the right to be able to proffer such advice as an ancillary service to the main professional activity.

Since we possess such qualification, we are authorized to give such patrimonial legal and fiscal advice, and prepare all legal documents that do not require signing before a notary, so including the creation of
companies such as the Société Civile Immobilière (SCI).

Again, it is through our much more in-depth knowledge of French patrimonial taxation that we can better offer our clients bespoke advice, and recommend investment or other contracts that are perhaps more fiscally neutral that would otherwise be the case.

Similarly, it is through this more detailed knowledge of French patrimonial law and its possibilities – and pitfalls – that we can better ensure our clients are legally and protected whatever changes they might encounter.