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Life Assurance


Life Assurance

This is one of our regulated activities, which covers the areas of life assurance (investments).

As brokers, we are bound to consider a sufficient number of contracts to be able to make a recommendation but are not bound to consider every contract from every provider available, but then neither do we work with only a few set assurance companies.

Our aim is to research, present and recommend (or help in doing so) such contracts.

Whilst we deal with assurance broking (investments) in-house, we have a partner for all risk-base insurance contracts.

It is true that exceptionally the provider is defined in order to access one of their funds, but generally it is the case that any selection leading to a recommendation is made on the basis of both provider and fund sought to achieve the client’s needs or aims.

Through the medium of « assurance vie », which is no more than a wrapper (in the sense of an ISA or PEP), we can access any type of fund, in France or outside of France, and of whatever risk and volatility level is required.

We like to consider that we specialize in secure and high income funds, and for the larger portfolios we do use independent asset managers since ensuring the portfolio grows in value, and more consistently, as it is the remit of the professional managing it on a daily basis.

In order to further increase the available options of investment houses and of suppliers of financial products, we are also a member of Infinitis, France’s largest group of Conseiller en Gestion de Patrimoine

some wrapper for fiscal and/or legal benefits.

All this said, it is true that we have a natural penchant for secure investmens, especially those with consistent high rates of return. Indeed, whilst some of these investments are aimed at the provision of annual income at around 4% net, others can generate between 6%-8% net annually, and can be especially tax efficient.