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Please remember that France either regulates or licences each of the following actives :

– Banking operations
– Brokerage in assurance, insurance and investments
– Financial advice
– Property transactions and management
– Patrimonial fiscal advice
– Patrimoniale legal advice and non-notarised documents

Our regulatory rights in France stem from being resident in France, having experience in France and French qualifications.

Our rights are controlled by one of the six authorised regulatory Associations, and the largest, ANACOFI-CIF.

In addition, we adhere to the list of such regulated consultants held by ORIAS, a list which can be freely consulted by the public at www.orias.fr

Any qualifications for regulatory activities, as well as those for Property Transactions and Management, and Patrimonial Legal and Fiscal advice, are through possessing an EU third-level French university degree in accordance with a 1971 law (though also possessing a French Degree and Masters in the same subject).