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About Us


About Us

Dr Michael P.F. Annett


Brought up overseas since he was born, the founder of Pelican Consulting, Michael Annett, is, as a result, a true French-English bilingual.

Chartered certified accountant in 1982, Michael Annett also created and ran several family businesses, as well as combining his personal and business experiences to create his first practice of Taxation Consultants
in 1985.

In 1990 he opened a second practice, this time of ‘Consultants in Financial Advice’, and through to practice he successfully merged in 1994 the activities of the Taxation Consultancy, all to provide truly professional and specialist firm of Financial Engineering.

Notwithstanding his UK professional qualifications already acquired, and conscious of regulatory developments and their associated consequences, he has never ceased to acquire new qualifications in the domaine of financial services in the UK, and join a number of financially-orientated professional organisations, including the profession’s two principal associations.

In 1996 he further capitalised on the opening of the Channel Tunnel to begin advising foreigners, mainly the French and, in 2001, largely due to his French roots, he decided to return to France and in 2011 completed French first, second and third university level degrees.

Today, through Pelican Consulting sarl, Michael continues to advise through his practice, bringing his knowhow, his professionalism, qualifications and his experiences to a clientele of all nationalities having an interest with France.

As further security for our clients in the event of anything untoward happening to us all, we are members of Infinitis, France’s largest group of Conseiller en Gestion de Patrimoine.

Diploma in Accounting (UK)
Association Accounting Technicians (UK)
Certified accounting and tax institute (UK)
Financial planning certificate (UK)
Life Insurance Association (UK)
Society of Financial Advisers (UK)
Personal Finance Society (UK)
Chartered Insurance Financial Planning Certificate (UK)
Certificate in Taxation and Trusts (UK)
Certificate in pensions and retirement funds (UK)
Certificate in investments (UK)
Certificate in finance and property mortgages (UK)
EU 1st level degree in Law, Tax and Financial Management (F)
EU 2nd level degree in Law, Tax and Financial Management (F)
EU 3rd level degree in Law, Tax and Financial Management (F)