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Our Way


Our Way

It is only by knowing you that we can advise you correctly.

Accordingly, as all clients are different and whilst their situations may seem similar none are identical, we will ask for detailed information. Some of this will be factual, some will be about your desires, wishes and intentions. And some all be regulatory questions that we have to ask in order to comply with rules that exist for your protection.

It is only by asking these relevant questions that we can know what to do and, indeed, what not to do !

Our golden rule is trust, since most people are more concerned by their finances more than they are by their own health, and clients need to trust the person advising them and know that they are perfectly competent to advise you.

In addition to our qualifications and experience, we are bound to complete, annually :

8 hours of continuing professional development through our regulatory association
7 hours of continuing professional development for our Regulatory, the AMF

In this way, not only do we ensure that were current with regulatory law, but also developments in our profession, all so as to ensure that we remain the very best consultants for you, our client.